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The Creamy Pint

The Creamy Pint

Ericsons are known for their seaworthiness and handsome lines.   The Creamy Pint is hull #53.  It’s hardware consists mostly of bronze and stainless-steel, mostly  bronze.  The interior is long-grain mahogony. 

Morning at Smuggler's Cove

Morning at Smuggler's Cove

          It has a fully stocked galley and a private bathroom (”head”). I’ve tried to find out what the little boat’s orginal name was, but I have been unable.  When I was grinding off the old paint a few blurry letters were visible, but that was all.  The boat now takes it’s name from a world wide source of joy and refreshment– creamy pints of dark beer.    Despite the rough shape the boat was in when I obtained it, there was evidence that someone loved the boat, and raced it at one time.  In the head there are small placks from regattas the boat raced in 1972, 73 and 74. 

  Some of the things I did to rehabilitate the boat included

  • sanding off the old hull paint and repaiting the hull
  • applying new gel coat and repainting the deck
  • replaced all running rigging and some standing rigging
  • stripped and applied 6 coats of varnish inside and out.
  • numerous cosmetic fiber-glass touch ups
  • fiber glass patch on the rudder
  • re-painted interior
  • purchased new anchors, rode and chain

I live in Ventura where I teach high school and work bow on a Shock-35. 

skipper bruce

Published on May 1, 2009 at 4:05 am  Comments (7)  

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  1. Nice looking boat. But wtf with brown beer? Get you some strohs, couple a nice down river bitches and kick it with some Kid Rock up on that boat. Does it trailer okay with a 440?

    • Strohs is a fine American-style pilsner, there is no doubt about that.

  2. So this is how you spend your time, while the class is watching a movie. Nice blog!

    What is the PHRF on this spead deamon, anyway?

    • technically, I was supposed to be in a meeting now, not teaching.

  3. It’s PBR for us real submarine sailors! I’m beginning to doubt your Michigan roots!

  4. Bruce, I love your boat! Its in your blood, I remember all those weekends sailing with your family in Michigan. What a great time we always had!! I would love to try and visit next summer and see her in person.

  5. Being the dude on the 22 near the end of your voyage, I will vouch that it was windy out there! Well done.
    viva the Ericson 26, I loved mine.

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